5 Quotes Which Eerily Foreshadow Achilles' Death

Travis "Achilles" Williams was a Motivational Fitness Icon who was tragically killed in an accident in March 2015.  His timeless words and photos helped him gain international fame and continue to inspire thousands worldwide today. These 5 quotes make you rethink existence and it's brevity.

1.  “In the end all that matters is what you’ve done… And I’ll sleep well knowing I chased my dreams until they were my reality.”

2.  “Looking back I can honestly say that I had much less than most, but it was my faith, my confidence, and my ambition that brought me to being moments away from having it all.”

3.  “The 'Days of the Dead' is a Mexican holiday that dates back some 4000 years ago. The Días de Muertos serve as a time to honor loved ones and ancestors who have past on to the other side... The Days of the Dead also help us acknowledge and internalize the fact that we all are born and one day we will die and so we live our lives with passion and purpose... And so in that light I take a moment and I tip my hat in honor and respect of those we've lost in this lifetime and also my ancestors whom I know watch over me and still feel connected to spiritually each day.”

4. “As I approach the biggest and best birthday of my life thus far, I can only smile and thank God for all his favor and protection… I’ve never been happier and I’m excited to live the rest of my story. Here’s to hoping to share an amazing future with the ones I love.”

5. "Are you giving off an amazing energy and trying to be the best possible version of YOU every chance you get? Because the sum of all your day will determine your success and the amount of doors that open up around you."


A Kickstarter launched Wednesday 8/17 seeks to publish memorial biography of Achilles.

 100% of future profits to go to Williams’ daughter, Azarria. 

Here is the link to the Kickstarter Campaign

Join the Team: www.facebook.com/AchillesTributeProject