I believe that it's good for a man's soul to drink beer by a river and sip whiskey on a mountaintop. I believe that the sound of laughter is never as pure as when it echoes over a campfire.   I believe that pure bliss lies in the butterscoth scent of a Ponderosa Pine. I believe in the power of a day spent sweating up steep climbs. I believe that extreme physical endeavors teach me more about my spirit than my body. I believe in exploration in a modern world. I believe a good map is just as beautiful as any piece of art.   I believe a true roadtrip cannot have a set itinerary. I believe in travel and the extreme perspective it provides. I believe that life is short and it is meant to be lived vibrantly. I believe that passions should be pursued vehemantly, moderation be damned, that sometimes you have to maintain balance through extremes. I believe that a life of adventure is not impossible, that all you have to do is just pack up and go, and that sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do.  My name is Calvin Bond and I believe in living. 

 I'm a photographer, adventurer, writer, and wanderer. I started this website in 2016 to share stories and photos from the experiences which have shaped my life. The past four years a whirlwind of travel and adventure - I've thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and the John Muir Trail; I've lived out of the trunk of my Corolla for months at a time; I've roadtripped nearly 25,000 miles in the last 16 months;  I've endured 10 hour adventure races and 40 mile hikes; I've traversed the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim in one day; I've seen 42 of the 59 National Parks and and I intend to see the remainder before I'm 30 (2019); I've ski bummed it in Colorado; I've hopped trains; I've eaten 12 snickers in 1 hour.  


These experiences, wild and erratic, have changed me. These breadths I've seen, these grand places, they leave their footprint not only on my memory, but on my being.  When you look into the Grand Canyon, you do not see it. You experience it. You feel it. You become it. And that is what I try to capture.

Freelance Opportunities: I specialize in outdoor/adventure writing and photography (both commercial and editorial). Have an article you want written but don't quite have the words or the time? Let's team up and create some bad ass content that will drive readers to your page.

I additionally provide services in gear testing and review - analyzing value through extreme endeavors. If you'd like to send me out on the trail with one of your products, shoot me an email at sporkandflask@gmail.com.

Sponsorship:  I work with a few select brands whose attitude matches the theme of this website. I have many adventures planned over the coming years, including several 10,000+ mile roadtrips to complete my quest to see all of the US National Parks, and eventually a Continental Divide Trail thru-hike.  If you're interested in teaming up, I'd love to talk. Email me at sporkandflask@gmail.com.