5 Simple Ways To Help Change a Life

100% of profits go to college fund for Achilles' daughter, Azarria.

Travis "Achilles" Williams was a Motivational Fitness Icon who was tragically killed in an accident in March 2015.  Though his time was limited, his feats were not.  He co-founded Team Fitness, a premier personal-training brand in the Southeast; he co-founded The A-to-Z Project, a charity, and helped multitudes struggling worldwide; and he helped raise a daughter, Azarria, passing on his adventurous spirit, teaching her how to live with purpose.

His timeless words and photos helped him gain international fame and continue to inspire thousands worldwide today. ‘Achilles: A Meditation on Purpose & Inspirational Living’ is a celebration of his legacy. An engaging reflection on how life is supposed to be lived, it is a compilation of Achilles’ works, accented with exclusive interviews of his closest friends, celebrating a life of passion, adventure, and purpose.

A Kickstarter campaign runs until 9/16 to fundraise for the bulk publishing and distribution of the book, 'ACHILLES: A Meditation on Purpose & Inspirational Living’. 

Here are 5 ways you can directly contribute to the project's success:

  1. Pledge on Kickstarter –  Link Here. The most direct way to impact Azarria’s life. Higher-tier pledges make the greatest impact. For a the biggest impact go with the “Champ Package” or “Azarria’s Angels”.
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  5. Bust out the Rolodex – Have any contacts in the media (news outlets, blogs, social media)? Please refer them to our Media Kit, which includes press releases, high-res images, a sample chapter, and other helpful resources. They can also reach Author Calvin Bond at AchillesTributeProject@gmail.com
Full Official Trailer for ACHILLES: A Meditation on Purpose & Inspirational Living. Kickstarter Launches Wednesday 8/17 at 11 a.m. EST.